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Item Unit Wt. (lb.) Unit Price Qty. Total Wt. Total Price
Bowel Toner (See below)
Brain Response Test (Biokinesiology) & Hexagonal Water Demo - 2 hour video .75 $20.00
CoEnzyme Q10 (See below)
Barefoot's Coral Calcium Formula (Okinawa Coral) - 60 caps. (30 servings) .25 $18.00
Okinawa Coral Calcium Formula - Powder - 151 grams .5 $21.00
Okinawa Coral Calcium Formula - Capsules - 180 ct. (60 servings) .5 $17.00
Book: "Barefoot on Coral Calcium: An Elixir of Life?" - 144 pgs. SRP: $19.95 .75 $15.00
Ellagic Acid (Raspberry Seed) - 240 capsules (30 servings) .75 $20.00
Ellagic Acid (Raspberry Seed Powder) - 1 pound (96 servings) 1.5 $27.00
Maximizer Digestive Enzymes (See below)
Power Source 100 - 90 tabs. (30 servings) .75 $19.00
Power Source 100 - 180 tabs. (60 servings) 1.25 $35.00
Sun Energy (See below)
Ultra Flush (powder) - 16 ounces (40 servings)
1.5 $19.90
Vitamin D - 250 caps. .25 $15.70
Vitamin O (See below)

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The following products are available at a considerable discount direct from the manufacturer (R-Garden):
*Flower Essences *Vitamin O *Maximizer *Bowel Toner
*Amylase Formula *Protease Plus *Lipase Formula *Inner Garden Flora (Probiotic)
*Calcium Citrate *Cili Bao Formula *Colloidal Silver *Co-Q 10 Formula
*Cordyceps *Coral Calcium *Echinacea Formula *Gamma-Zyme
*L. Salivarius *MSM *Milk Thistle Formula *Pet Formula
*Pycnogenol Prime 20 *Quadra-Zyme Plus *South Pacific Noni Juice *Sun Energy (Super Food Formula)
*Herbal Blends *Vitamin E *Toco Plus *Flaxseed Oil
*Memory Formula *Super Anti-Oxidant *Aromatherapy Inhalers

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A "Consultant Kit" is also available for those wishing more in-depth information about the products and/or to participate in the business opportunity. The information contained in the "Consultant Kit" is well worth the price!

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