Secrets to Anti-Aging & Longevity

What's Preventing Us From Becoming Strong, Healthy & Living Longer?

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Table of Contents

  • Avoiding Common Sicknesses
  • Weight Loss Without Dieting
  • Say Good-Bye To Heart Disease
  • The choice is all yours.

  • You're going to learn about some things today that could be life changing for you - some things that will keep you looking and feeling younger so you can have fun and keep up with all the exciting challenges that life brings your way, and enjoy a longer life than you've ever dreamed possible. Let's face it, when it comes to doing things with your kids or grandkids and enjoying life to the fullest, you need to know all the secrets that will help your body and mind keep up with all there is to do.

    (1) First, you'll learn how you can avoid the common sicknesses that affect so many people. After all, there's no reason to quit having those picnics in the park if you don't have to.

    (2) Secondly, you'll learn how to have a normal weight that makes you look good and feel energized and years younger without ever having to go on a diet!

    (3) And after that, we'll reveal a way to say good-bye to heart disease . It's 100% natural and doesn't have anything to do with your cholesterol level. The Roman poet Martial summed it up nicely. He said, "Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well." That's what our message is all about here: How to live life to the fullest for as long as you live. The information we're sharing today wasn't cooked up in a chemistry beaker. We're sharing the collective wisdom of the world's leading experts gleaned from years of research. These aren't just theories, they're true facts that are a matter of public record which can be found in any good library.

    Avoiding Common Sicknesses

    One common fallacy people believe is if we eat a balanced diet (the four food groups), we're getting all the nutrients we need to feel good and enjoy life. This couldn't be further from the truth.

    Imagine vegetables and fruits growing in fields of styrofoam. That's what it's like. Our government has known since 1936 that our farm soils are depleted of the raw materials that make our food good for us to eat. You can read this for yourself in US Senate Document 264, 74th Congress, 2nd Session. It announced that our farm soils are depleted of minerals. The grains, the nuts, fruits and vegetables that are growing in these hollow soils are deficient.

    It stands to reason that if the minerals aren't there in the first place, the plants growing there aren't going to have them either. And it hasn't gotten any better. In 1993, the World Health Organization's report said that our soil is now totally barren, 95% depleted of the basic survival ingredients we need. And that's just part of the story.

    You've seen those huge trucks loaded to the gills with tomatoes and zucchinis. Supermarkets are food delivery giants, they don't care about your health. They care about volume, selling the most food with the least amount of spoilage for the biggest profit. The way they do it is they pick our produce green and gas retard the foods that spoil the quickest from ripening. Just before they stack them neatly in those mouth-watering produce displays for you to buy, they gas ripen them. Now the gas they use would kill you if you breathe it, so what little nutrition these plants had in the first place, picked green, is all but wiped out.

    The fact is, alot of what the supermarkets are calling food isn't food. The chemical cocktails we're getting are frightening. Some of the worst are margarine and artificial sweeteners - anything that says "diet" as the first word and non-dairy creamers. Avoid those like the plague. Be sure to stay with familiar words like "carrots," "celery" and "garlic." Be sure that what you're eating grows, walks, flies, or swims on the earth. When you're getting into monosodium glutamate and stearates and all of those "polys" and "hydrogenated" and so many other chemical words that we all know aren't food, keep them out of your body. It's all simple, common sense. If you can't pronounce it, avoid it.

    Our body doesn't know half the stuff we're putting in it anymore.

    It means we can't think straight like when we were young, and we're depressed. It means we don't have the energy we used to have. It means we're getting fatter, it means we're getting sicker, it means if it hasn't already happened it's a time bomb waiting to explode our health. It means we're filling our bellies with stuff from pretty packages while our bodies are starving for real food. The bottom line: A deficiency disease is going to come along and steal your youthfulness and zest for life before you know what's happening.

    As shocking as it sounds, the best known deficiency disease in America is Death. Scientists now know practically everyone is dying years sooner than they should because their bodies burn out from lack of good nutrition. Putting names on these diseases is just a way of naming the various deficiencies that shorten your life. Just about everyone has one deficiency or another, even if they don't know it yet.

    Some deficiency diseases may not be fatal yet, but they're telltale signs of a much bigger deficiency disorder that will show up later, such as heart disease and arteriosclerosis. (Half of all deaths every year in America today from all causes is by heart attacks and strokes. Twelve million a year unnecessarily die from a raging nutritional deficiency disease.) Another is obesity. Another, arthritis. Adult onset diabetes, cancer, kidney stones, ulcers, Alzheimer's. Rarer ones are multiple sclerosis and myasthenia gravis, lupus erythematosus, Crohn's disease, colitis, and ankylosing spondylitis. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are two more. Environmental factors, genetics and behavioral issues may play a role, but the scientific jury is in; the most pervasive, the most commonly overlooked cause of all these disorders is nutritional deficiency.

    Many diseases can be avoided just by eating REAL food.

    Warning signs to look for before the onset of a serious deficiency disease.

    They usually catch you pretty much by surprise. A deficiency disease caught Dr. L'abbe off guard at the age of 44. He said, "I was a jogger near the end of an extra tough run, it was the last half mile, I had plopped my daughter Heather up on my shoulders. At the finish line, I was totally exhausted. Then I did what I always did. I timed my pulse. And I can tell you, it's a terrifying, vivid memory - my pulse was like a popcorn machine, missing every fourth or fifth beat. I thought I was having a heart attack. I WAS having a heart attack! My HMO did the works. I was diagnosed as having a ventricular tachycardia, a serious irregular heartbeat on the ventricle side of my heart. It put me at ten times the risk of a fibrillation heart attack, the most lethal of all. It scared me to death.

    "So for 16 years, I suffered with this. I missed alot of heartbeats every day and worried, but I didn't talk about it. I have always taken chelated minerals and vitamins, but it became apparent to me that I had a major mineral absorption problem. So after some study and with special kinds of minerals, I solved my own problem in 10 days. That was absolutely life altering for me. It ushered me right back into the center of a long, fun-filled life.

    "I'm 60 years old. Suffice it to say, I see this year as the halfway point in my life. I intend to be a living experiment for a very long life. I talk about that extensively in the book I'm writing, which is nearing completion, so I'm looking forward to alot of pleasures and challenges in my future, only halfway through adulthood."

    How to avoid deficiency diseases altogether.

    One of the most striking facts is there are currently many people living in less developed parts of our planet that enjoy much better health than we do here in the United States.

    A recent report on public broadcasting a few months back quoted a 1996 World Health Organization Report just released that the US, on average, lags behind 20 of the 33 most advanced nations in just about every significant area of health, and we're 33rd in infant mortality - behind everybody! And we call ourselves advanced. Now how does that make you feel?

    Dr. L'abbe, in his soon to be released book, talks about how to live life to the fullest for as long as you live, which, as just mentioned, can be for a long time. He has interviewed and studied some of the most interesting and knowledgeable people in the world on this topic.

    The secrets to be healthy, feel good and live a long life.

    Unusually long life has been extensively studied. What the experts have concluded is really pretty simple. The body needs 99 essential nutrients every day to live long, stay healthy and remain free from deficiency diseases. Sixty-seven of these essential nutrients are minerals. They are the foundation on which good health depends.

    But guess what? Our farm soils are like styrofoam. They don't have the minerals our plants need to keep us healthy and living long. The reason why people in some of the lesser developed countries in the world stay healthier and live longer than we do here in the US is because their veggies, fruits and drinking water have far more minerals in them than ours. Their plants grow in soil that's rich from flood plain waters, wells, and glacial run-off, so they're getting all the minerals in their diet that we're not getting in ours.

    Farmers in our country put only three minerals in the soil to make our veggies, fruits, nuts and grains look and taste okay. That's nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. They call it NPK. But the fact of the matter is that we need 67 minerals in our diet every single day. Now that's 67 minerals, not 3. And if we don't get these minerals in their abundance every day, then we're going to get a deficiency disease instead.

    You won't stay healthy if minerals aren't a part of your daily life.

    Assuming you're not broken down and beyond repair, if you start giving your body what it needs today, you can have the privilege of dying of old age and not die prematurely of something expensive and painful you could have avoided. Dr. L'abbe had the privilege to personally interview Dr. Roy Walford, M.D., from UCLA in 1983, who is regarded above and beyond in the world of gerontology (the study of aging and long life). Among his peers, he's the best. He had just written a book, Maximum Lifespan, which sold alot of copies. He has a new book out now, The Anti-Aging Plan. He's one of the world's foremost long life living experiments and Dr. L'abbe's major role model for living a long, long life.

    Dr. Walford said, "Indeed, it seems certain that maximum life span can already be prolonged to 130 to 140 years." His long life strategy in 1983 had all the ingredients for super health. First, a closely controlled calorie intake and super-enriched nutrients; and second, powerful antioxidants that combat environmental toxins, called superoxides. (Scientists now know these toxins cause major cell damage, possibly cause cancer and speed aging.) This long life strategy seemed too simple to others that it sounded crazy. After all, anybody can write a book and make claims. Roy Walford proceeded to prove it to be true.

    Do you remember the Biosphere Project in Arizona? There was perfect food, perfect water, perfect diet, and no pollution. Dr. Walford was the physician and nutritionist and was one of the six scientists who lived there for two years. After two years in the Biosphere, November 1993, they all came out. Here's what the tests showed through the use of supercomputers at UCLA: If they all kept going in this controlled environment on the diet designed by Dr. Roy Walford, these men and women would all live to be 165 years old.

    What is interesting to note, though, is that this research isn't taken more seriously by mainstream medicine today. It seems like you're pretty much on your own when it comes to finding out about these so-called "forbidden secrets" - what some special interest groups would rather keep to themselves.

    Well, you can bet that the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical giants aren't shouting it from the rooftops. What's encouraging, though, is that there is a growing number of physicians who are seeing the picture. A thought for you:

    If everyone's tremendously healthy right up until they die, who loses?

    All the people who have something to gain by keeping us dependent on their products and their services, that's who. A moment ago some common painful nutritional deficiency disorders were mentioned. One of the most common nonfatal disorders is arthritis, which is a raging calcium deficiency. Tens of millions of people suffer from this every year. And many who have it say that living with arthritis, you just WISH you were dead. That's really a perfect illustration of what we're talking about here, isn't it?

    There's a whole industry providing pain medications like Ibuprofen with its many trade names, Tylenol, aspirin, and dangerous prescription drugs like prednisone and methyltrexate that make hundreds of millions of dollars every year on arthritis sufferers and the only real purpose those chemicals serve is to put blinders on the body's healing abilities.

    A recent Harvard physician's news release supports that, too. The fact is, all that awful pain and expense is completely unnecessary. It announced, "Chicken protein halts the swelling and pain of arthritis in a patient trial. Twenty-nine volunteers who had failed to respond in any way to medical treatment for arthritis were given a heaping teaspoon of ground up chicken cartilage in their orange juice every morning. According to Harvard Medical School, all the pain and inflammation was gone."

    These people who had not responded in any way to medical treatment could now peel an orange or pop a champagne cork without anymore pain. And to think that their next step was joint replacement surgery!

    Where do you get chicken cartilage? It's made of raw collagen, which is easy to find. You get it at your supermarket. It's called knox gelatin. It has the same raw materials as chicken cartilage. Just take a quarter ounce envelope of melted knox gelatin in your calcium-rich orange juice morning and afternoon with an ounce of colloidal minerals - that's the colloidal minerals with the abundant ionized calcium and 66 other essential minerals - and in three months you're going to be able to play a game of tag with your kids or grandkids without the pain of tweaking an arthritic knee or shoulder.

    Another deficiency disease is cancer.

    Five hundred fifty thousand die from it every year in America. One of the most significant studies in cancer in this century was reported in September 1993 by the National Cancer Institute. The press release announced, "Anti-Cancer Diet Found." After a massive five year study of 29,000 people in the Huinan Province of China where the cancer rate is among the highest in the world, the group that got beta carotene, vitamin E, and the trace mineral selenium, deaths from all causes went down 9%. The deaths from all cancers went down 13%. Statistically speaking, that's huge. One-half percent normally makes headlines. At that rate, it would mean 71,500 more Americans would be alive each year just by a diet change, 150% more than the entire number of automobile deaths in America every year.

    In reviewing the anti-cancer effects of selenium, Dr. Gearhart Schrazer, head of the department of chemistry at the University of California, San Diego says, "Selenium is increasingly recognized as a versatile anti-carcinogenic agent." People like Dr. Schrazer don't say these things without the research to back them up. What's interesting is how little press these studies receive. The preferred method treatment for cancer patients in the US is still surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

    Medicine wasn't always like it is now.

    Every physician before 1920 treated your whole body rather than try to hide symptoms with chemicals or prescription drugs. And doctors were quite average income earners at that time. But something big happened in 1920. Doctors were literally forced to switch from homeopathy (treating the patient as a whole person) to allopathy (dealing with single symptoms). The reasons behind the scenes for this change may come as a surprise to some people. It comes down to money.

    The pharmaceuticals saw the chance to make big bucks. They couldn't do it, though, as long as doctors took the whole body approach of homeopathic medicine, so here's what they did. They bought textbooks for the medical schools. They literally funded the medical schools. They created grants and trusts. They paid for scholarships to schools that accepted their allopathic agenda. The FDA became their government arm. They staffed it with pharmaceutical executives and like-minded physicians, and they designed a drug approval cycle that only allowed expensive laboratory tests on chemicals and eliminated natural solutions. They started threatening people with jail who didn't tow the line. They still do that today.

    The result is that today, doctors are hugely pressured to only use approved chemicals to treat symptoms of illnesses. And to make sure that happens, the pharmaceutical industry has gotten in with the medical community's trade union, the AMA, which polices and disciplines its own. They give handsome financial "incentives" to the doctors who prescribe the medicines. Of course, they don't call these "bribes." That would be illegal, of course.

    So, here you have these well intentioned men and women who went into the medical profession to help and to heal people, and here they are facing enormous pressure to practice medicine only one way.

    Quite frankly, some doctors were seduced by pharmaceuticals and later by the health insurers. To make this work, these industrial giants knew they had to make it pay the doctor at the consumer level. They showed doctors how to get rich. Patient time went from 45 minutes to less than 10 minutes: "Take 2 of these and call me in the morning." The memory of homeopathy faded. Medicine in the west went from right side up to upside down.

    That's what's gone on with medicine in the west for the last 75 years or so.

    The problem isn't just with the pharmaceutical industry.

    Among the richest businesses in the world are health insurers. HMOs and health insurance companies have put a stranglehold on doctors. What happens is they put restrictions on how much a doctor can do for a patient. And doctors are hurting because they can't do for a patient what they know they should! The less they do, you see, the more they get rewarded from the health insurers. It's called "capitation." Many doctors just can't make it in their practices anymore because of capitation, and so doctors as well as patients are now the victims of big business only in it for the money, not to help you stay well and enjoy life to the fullest.

    Thanks to doctors, we have the finest critical care in the world. Make no mistake about that. But thanks to the pharmaceutical industry and the health insurance companies in the advanced nations, we have nearly the worst longevity in the world.

    The net result is that people in America are dying expensive, painful deaths long before they should. Today, even our fine critical care is at risk from capitation.

    What this means for us economically.

    Those born between 1946 and 1964 make up almost a third of all Americans. As the "Boomers" hit retirement age, just imagine what's going to happen when a third of our entire population has to go on Medicare and Social Security. The only thing that will keep us afloat economically is if this population group is able to stay as healthy as they can for as long as they can. In other words, you need to keep feeling good way beyond the so-called "retirement age."

    You can only do that by getting the 99 essential nutrients your body needs every single day: 67 minerals, 17 vitamins, 12 amino acids, and 3 fatty acids. The main idea here is powerful. It's a foregone conclusion that you can't get what you need from the food at the grocery store. And even if you could, you wouldn't. The reason is, even if you could buy minerally and nutritionally rich fruits and vegetables, you would have to eat at least two pounds of raw produce every day.

    To buy a week's worth of groceries, you would have to trade in your shopping cart for a forklift and buy your fruits and veggies by the pallet! Better yet, have the produce truck take a detour and drop off the load in your front yard. And that, of course, assumes that you have the belly to eat all that raw produce. Not just the stuff you like, either. A healthy diet includes yummy things like wheat grass, kale, beets, and brussel sprouts.

    Another way is to run all that stuff through an expensive juicer and drink it down by the gallon. But the time and the trouble, the expense and the mess of all this is enough to keep this from becoming much of a habit. The best way, especially for those who want to do more enjoyable things with their lives than worry about nutrition, is to get the 99 nutrients in the form of three convenient and inexpensive products.

    The 99 nutrients of essential nutrition.

    The first is ionic minerals. That's 67 minerals in a form that your body instantly recognizes. The other 32 nutrients (the vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids) come in tablet form. One teaspoon daily of Mineraloid Colloidal Mineral Concentrate & Nutra Source 100 provides more than the 99 nutrients of essential nutrition your body needs for you to continue enjoying life with family and friends and keep you up with all the things you want to do.

    Weight Loss Without Dieting

    That brings us to our second topic. One of the biggest factors we have to contend with, something linked back to a lack of these 99 essential nutrients, is being a little more rotund than we want to be. We don't just want to BE healthy and happy, we want to LOOK healthy and happy. Unfortunately, that's not the way most of us are shaping up, or at least the majority of us.

    An Associated Press front page headline article declared, "Overweight Americans Weigh In As The Majority." The article goes on and it says, "Yes, Americans are losing the battle against blubber despite many new weapons including fake fat Olestra, iron pumping Oprah, and the fat fighting pill Redux." To be precise, "59% of men and 49% of women are beyond the upper limit of normal. This figure is up 8% both for men and women over the same study done ten years ago. Then, 51% of men and 41% of women were this bulky."

    Obviously, this is a big problem for alot of people. In fact, past Surgeon General C. Everett Koop just announced to the press a major war on obesity. He says that overweight is increasing at an alarming rate and it's a huge killer in America, dooming 300,000 people a year to a premature death.

    The November 21, 1994 issue of the New York Times reported findings by the National Center for Health Statistics. Their findings were just a little more conservative than those of the report just cited: One of three people, 33% of us, they said, are "overweight." Their overweight means "really big," though. It means you're 20% or more above "where you should be."

    Here's the shocker. Back in 1960, the New York Times reported on the very same survey. Then, 1960, 24% of the people were 20% overweight. So that's 1960 to 1994. From 24% to 33%. Today, this new study just mentioned is 50%.

    Why are we losing the battle of the bulge?

    Researchers have studied and reported an epidemic condition in Americans called "early pica." Have you ever heard of pica?

    Dr. Conniry stated, "I got a taste of that when my wife, Diane, was pregnant with our first child, my daughter Crystal. She would get these bizarre cravings for vanilla shakes and chocolate sundaes usually at night so I would have to run out to the store and get some. The interesting thing, though, is that she never liked shakes. She never liked sundaes. She never had much of a sweet tooth either before that time or after."

    The veterinary manual calls pica "a perverted or depraved appetite" and says, "Pica is most commonly due to nutritional deficiency." Any veterinarian knows exactly what to do. They treat it mainly with minerals and vitamins. Isn't it interesting that Dr. Conniry's first thought was his wife's pregnancy. What was happening is that little Crystal was demanding all of his wife's best nutrients. His wife's body was craving vital nutrition for survival. It was extreme pica. Extreme or early, pica is pica. It's only a matter of degree. Doesn't it all start to make sense? Right now over 95% of our folks in America are deficient in essential nutrients. Without minerals in the soils, without vine ripened fruits, without good vegetables, early and chronic pica appear.

    Picture this: Your body on Monday morning rolls out of bed, hits the floor running. Your body is just like your dog: a faithful, believing friend. It says, "I'm hungry. I've got a big day ahead." So you reply, "Okay, how about some bleached flour toast with cholesterol-free hydrogenated margarine and nutrasweet jelly on it, and some cremora in the coffee?" Your body takes this stuff in and says, "What's this? Hydrogen, margarine, artificial sweetener and non-dairy creamer? I'm trying to make some amino acids here and perk up some neurotransmitters to keep the nerves sparking. I need those neurotransmitters if I'm going to help you keep your job, and you're giving me this stuff from an alien planet. Help!!"

    Then comes the bad news from you: "We're going on a diet."

    So you know what your body does? It's thinking: famine. Just like a bear, your metabolism shuts down and gets ready for hibernation. Your craving for fatty foods is activated. You have an obsession for fat and cravings for chocolate, dirt, and oddball foods you thought you had forgotten about forever. Sound familiar?

    Dr. Conniry commented, "In my adult life I've lost at least my entire body weight in diets only to gain it back, and then some. I have always gained a little bit more every time. The last diet I went on was five years ago. I lost 55 pounds. I was so proud of myself. In fact, I kept the weight off for two years, but I had to diet constantly. I was always thinking about food. I was starving to death all the time. It seemed like every special occasion when I could get off my diet, I would pound down those potato chips and all those things that you're talking about. I felt like I was starving to death.

    "The bottom line is that I WAS starving to death. My body was in a state of emergency. In reality, the famine was in progress before I tried to lose the weight. The diet starved my body even more and the pica became all the more acute. The weight control plan that I always followed, and maybe this is what got me in trouble in the first place, is that if you want to lose weight, eat less, and exercise more."

    That's the problem! The reason you're overweight in the first place is because your body isn't getting what it needs in the foods you're eating. We're not all obsessive, compulsive, and dysfunctional misfits. Most of us are normal people. And we're still struggling. Sure, metabolism, genetics, and dysfunctional eating habits play a role in obesity in some folks, but the only thing that really accounts for the steady increase in the overweight population in America is this chronic deficiency syndrome called pica.

    You can join a gym or weight loss club and you can jog through two pairs of shoes a month if you want, but if you're suffering from pica, you're going to gain back every ounce you lose unless you give your body the 99 essential nutrients it needs every single day. You may even have to overdo the nutrition for a while just to catch up. You can get this nourishment the hard way or the easy way. But unless you get it in some way, the diet yo-yo is never going to stop.

    What to do.

    First, you want to eliminate the word "diet" from your vocabulary. Yes, you should be conscious of what you eat and you want to exercise normally. But don't expect an instant fix with your 99 nutrients every day. That's what's very wrong with the fad diets in the first place. They promise that you'll lose 20 pounds in 15 days. What they don't tell you is that you'll gain every bit of it back and then some about a month later. Don't expect instant results. Your eating habits will begin to change naturally once you start giving your body what it has been starving for all along. You're building a new trust relationship with your body. Even after you start giving it what it wants, it's going to take some time for it to believe that you won't start starving it again.

    The majority of your body cells are replaced in approximately one year's time. The new cells won't have grown up in a nutritional depression, so they're alot more willing to trust you. Give your body what it needs today and the new body you have a year from now will have a healthy, balanced appetite and you'll look and feel years younger. It's not self-indulgence we're struggling with, it's starvation.

    Say Good-Bye To Heart Disease

    Let's move on to our final topic. And that brings us to the #1 killer of 12 million a year: the biggest cause of people not living as long as they should is heart disease.

    According to a growing number of authorities, heart disease is due to a nutritional deficiency and not to high cholesterol as we once thought.

    The truth is, if it weren't for the so-called bad cholesterol, most people would die long before the onset of heart disease. High cholesterol really isn't the issue at all. Proof of this is in the Japanese folks. They have three times the cholesterol level of Americans and virtually no heart disease.

    You need to know that your body treasures cholesterol. Your brain is 85% cholesterol. Good thinking depends on it. The insulation for every nerve in your body is cholesterol. Whatever you do, avoid anything that says low cholesterol. Eggs are nature's most perfect food (soft boiled is best). You should think twice about ever taking prescription drugs to reduce your cholesterol.

    The so-called bad cholesterol, which is LDL cholesterol, is saving your life. Here's how it works. Your body cherishes life, so when it has a decision to make, it chooses the best choice: the choice for survival. Because of a raging nutritional deficiency disease starting early in life, over many years your hardest working veins and arteries develop small leaks and cracks, potentially lethal bleeders. So, your body's worried. It asks itself, "Do I want to die sooner or do I want to die later?" Naturally, it chooses later.

    To buy you time, it makes band aids to stick on the leaks and cracks. The band aids are made out of LDL cholesterol and fat lipids. They're perfect tire patches. Over time, as your body continues to patch the leaks, the tire patches or band aids build up until the arteries are completely blocked.

    The real culprit here are these leaks and cracks that start to occur long before the build up of plaque in the artery walls. The real cure to heart disease is the healing and prevention so your body doesn't have to call out the tire patches anymore.

    If cholesterol is actually saving our lives, not killing us, what is it that's causing our hardest working arteries to crack and leak in the first place?

    Remember those old sailors who crossed the world on their boats, months at sea, dying from leaky veins all over their bodies, their mouths, their noses? Twenty thousand British sailors died before the Navy found that if they munched an orange or a lemon, they would survive those long voyages. They suffered from a raging deficiency disease, a lack of vitamin C. Everyone knows it as scurvy.

    Heart disease is scurvy. Not open scurvy like those sailors had, but early scurvy, a deficiency disease affecting most Americans as we speak. So let me say this loud and clear: Heart disease, the biggest killer in America, killing 12 million people a year, is not caused by high cholesterol.

    Heart disease, arteriosclerosis (clogged veins), is nothing other than a deficiency disease brought on by a lack of vitamin C. Amazingly, autopsies done over the years have confirmed that one out of ten people have arteries already 50% blocked by the age of 25. Almost everybody has some buildup of plaque in their arteries by the age of 25.

    In summary, a lack of vitamin C brings on early scurvy which causes the veins and arteries that undergo the most stress in our bodies, especially the arteries right around the heart muscle, to crack and leak. This plaque buildup, the so-called band aids or tire patches made from LDL cholesterol and fat lipids, is nothing other than the body's natural healing effort carried on in the absence of vitamin C.

    Is there hard proof for all of this?

    Yes. The proof is by a world renowned cardiovascular surgeon and researcher, Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D., the past head of Cardiovascular Research at the Linus Pauling Institute. Dr. Rath observed a huge clue to this puzzle in a 1958 veterinary school textbook: "The fact is that none of the domestic animals with the rarest of exceptions develop cardiovascular disease." It appears that most of the same disease mechanisms operate in animals as in humans and that cardiovascular disease in them is not impossible, it just doesn't happen. The authors of this book go on to suggest, "If we could find out why animals don't get heart disease, it might cast some useful light on why we humans do get it."

    Dr. Rath proved by his research that almost all animals don't get heart disease because, unlike humans, they make their own internal vitamin C. Humans don't produce a single molecule of it. So the only way we get it is through our diet. What's more, Dr. Rath found a very unique animal just like a human that makes no internal vitamin C. And it's an animal ideal for lab research: the guinea pig. He tested these animals with vitamin C, without vitamin C, and in only a couple of months, the guinea pigs that got no vitamin C got heart disease.

    Dr. Rath's team decided to find out if the heart disease could be reversed. To sum up, what he came up with was a formula with ingredients in perfect proportion to reverse arteriosclerosis.

    We've learned that it takes a highly absorbable Ester vitamin C along with a measured portion of CoEnzyme Q10 to stimulate the heart. They work together to detach the fatty lipids and plaque stuck to the veins and arteries and melt them away. Now there's major hope for an end to the killer every year of millions of people of heart disease. I believe that in a decade, this illness will only be a terrible memory in America.

    This is another "forbidden secret," something the pharmaceutical industry isn't interested in telling us. In addition to the 99 essential nutrients, it is suggested that we include CoEnzyme Q10 in addition to all of that.

    What can we do about it?

    The 99 essential nutrients is foundational nutrition. It's the basic stuff your body needs every single day. The CoEnzyme Q10 works to help your body reverse damage that's already done. Those of you who have younger children or grandchildren should educate them now to get a head start on good health so they won't need nutritional therapy, which is what this amounts to, later on in their lives. Those who get what they need from the start won't have the deficiency diseases that some of the rest of us get when we go half our lives without the stuff we need.

    We've learned about deficiency related diseases and we just want to make one thing crystal clear. All of these deficiency diseases can be avoided with the proper nutrition taken on a daily basis. The fact of the matter is, everyone pays for their health sooner or later. We can pay a nominal price today to get the nutrition we need to avoid deficiency diseases, or we can pay a high price and a lot of pain later to a doctor to cut into us or feed us toxic chemicals and try to fix damage already done by deficiency disease that could have been avoided.

    The bottom line is, to stay healthy our bodies need specific raw materials that we can't get today even from a so-called well balanced diet. You need 99 nutrients every single day for the rest of your life: 67 minerals, 17 vitamins, 12 amino acids, and 3 fatty acids. With them, the chances are very good that you'll be keeping up with your kids and grandkids and enjoy life to the fullest. Increased mental alertness and physical stamina will keep you having fun and living life's best and brightest challenges to the fullest right up to the end of a long, long life.

    Minerals come in different forms.

    As far as the minerals our bodies need, you can get them in three different forms.

    The most common form is elemental. That's the form in which you'll find most mineral supplements at the store today. It's also the most dangerous one, the one you'll really have to watch for. They're only about 2% to 4% absorbable. So if you take 100 mg of iron, you're actually getting 2 to 4 mg.

    Another form is chelated. Chelated minerals are about 15% to 40% absorbable, which is better, but the older you are, the less of these minerals your body absorbs. Mineral chelation is a 20-year-old technology, just like a 20-year-old car.

    The third form is colloidal. Colloidal means "suspended." The interesting thing about colloidal minerals is that they're ions suspended in a plant membrane. An ion is very tiny, about 400 times smaller than a red blood cell. It's not a crystalline structure, otherwise known as a metallic mineral. An ion can penetrate just about anything.

    When ionic colloidal minerals are taken, they absorb as soon as they hit your lips. Since your intestines are negatively charged, the positively charged mineral ions absorb instantly by a magnetic attraction. Ninety-eight percent (98%) of these minerals speed right through your intestine walls and into your blood.

    All of this means when you take your Nutra Source 100 tablets, the minerals are waiting right there in your blood to do all of the chemistry to keep you in solid good health and feeling super. So the choice really is having your produce delivered by a tractor trailer to your front yard every week - that's if you can find any good produce in your town - or getting the vitally essential nutrition you need in a way that's tasty and easy to enjoy as a life long daily habit. It's all up to you.

    What have you learned?

    You've learned how to avoid the common sicknesses that trip up so many people early in life. You've learned how to control your weight so you'll look great and feel years younger. You've learned that there's a way to say good-bye to heart disease that is 100% natural and doesn't have anything to do with your cholesterol level. In short, you've learned how you can live life to the fullest for as long as you live, keeping up with your kids and grandkids and having as much fun as you possibly can both mentally and physically.

    These colloidal minerals give you 67 of the 99 nutrients you need every single day. All the natural fruits, veggies and herbs in a capsule form gives you more than the 17 vitamins, 12 amino acids, and 3 fatty acids your body needs every single day. As your body receives all the nutrition it needs every day, you will have a healthy, balanced appetite and look and feel years younger. Also, for long lasting health, CoEnzyme Q10 gives your veins and arteries what they need to call off the tire patches.

    The choice is all yours.

    You'll look great and feel younger so you can do the things you enjoy doing with your family and others you enjoy being with for a long, long time only if you apply - actually DO - the things you've learned today.

    The choice is all yours. Pick up the phone right now and call for more information. Your loved ones will thank you.

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